Kristyn Hume

is a hands-on, results oriented art director and artist with over 15 years experience creating motion graphic design, animation and effects in sales, broadcast and film environments. Unswervingly focused on delivering meaning-infused, beautiful graphics that are on point for each individual project, she possesses a solid track record of creating outstanding work and meeting demanding deadlines.

Other things that are fun to know about her:  She collects small, annoying injuries and is poetically obsessed with wallpaper. Many days she can be found reading ridiculous, high fantasy epic nonsense on the subway or curating a comprehensive list of reasons why today probably isn't the right day to start a workout routine. She specializes in raising 6 and 10-year-old boys and has been told by the source that she "knows about things." Kristyn can land a double sol chow, cook dinner from a box and make a mean Halloween costume. Seriously, you won't believe her mad Halloween skillz. Though she grew up on the mean streets of Downers Grove, Illinois, she is now a happy and contributing member of her Park Slope community and proudly, not a member of the co-op.